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Do you enjoy storytelling, digging your teeth into an idea and getting to the root of the matter?

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The Spilling the Beans podcast-making community was launched in March of 2017, with its first podcast-making challenge. During the challenge, participants needed to produce a short audio piece using three ingredients we provided them. It was a great success and really good work resulted from the event.

Moving forward, Spilling the Beans will slowly begin organizing other creative audio storytelling challenges for its community to explore the podcasting form. The purpose of the community is to provide an incentive for podcasting and storytelling enthusiasts to have fun, meet other people and produce something of their own.

As we've just launched, we plan on organizing events every few months. The plan is to eventually organize something every month.

Hope you can join us in person, or remotely, for one of our events!

Past Events

Podcast-Making Challenge

March 3 - 5, 2017. Toronto, Ontario

The Challenge

The Results!

The podcast-making challenge was for anyone and everyone interested in telling stories using the podcast format. Taking place in Toronto, at Hacker You, Spilling the Beans was open to, and encouraged, remote participation.

On the evening of March 3rd, participants were provided with three "ingredients" they needed to include in a short podcast they produced over the following 36 hours. On March 5th, the podcasts were be aired to judges, who picked three winners based on a set of criteria participants were given at the race's outset.

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